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elderly woman is hospitalized after firefighters pulled her out of her burning apartment overnight. what he know about her injuries. i have viewed this situation as one big lie. that i repeated a lot.
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>> lance armstrong and his tell all interview. what he told oprah and a nation- wide audience. failing to spare the air. the one county that is leading the way in a pollution complaint department. ktvu channel 2 news continues. good morning. thank you for joining us friday morning, january 18th i'm pam cook. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check mayor weather and traffic. steve is right here. we can all say a collective thank you to steve. he's telling us the weather is changing. >> i was going to say do i owe you money? >> i'm glad you have such control. >> i do. i put the order in. we do have a nice pattern coast and bay. temperatures really warmed up but 27 in santa rosa to 49 in san francisco. i mean just tremendous difference. livermore is 29. oakland is 40. it will be in the 50s and 60s to even upper 60s near 70
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toward santa cruz. here is sal. steve, we have a problem on the peninsula i will get to in a moment. on the golden gate bridge the traffic does look good heading south. i want to show you the maps here if i can. there is a big problem on the peninsula southbound 280 at wood side road. car and several deer on the road collided. injury crash. and now the freeway is almost entirely blocked. you can take 101 as your alternative. we will have more on this coming up in a few. let's go back to the desk. last night firefighters in hayward discovered an unresponsive woman after an apartment house caught fire. apartment fire. alex savidge is there. >> reporter: good morning. this woman hospitalized right now is what we understand. we are working right now to get more information from the hayward fire department on her exact condition. this was an elderly woman. she was pulled out of her second story apartment here.
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this is the second story unit we are showing you right now. last night. the woman suffered burns and smoke inhalation. this fire broke out just about 9:30 last night. crews on scene tell us it was a fairly small kitchen fire and as crews made their way through the unit that is when they found the woman inside and she was unresponsive. now firefighters did tell us she had a pulse when she was transported over to eden hospital. now aside from that one woman, we do understand no one else was injured in this fire. we don't know if there was anyone else in the unit itself at the time. but we know no firefighters were injured. toy have a call in to the hayward fire department waiting to hear back from a ball talion chief. waiting to hear about how this fire started. live in hayward alex savidge. new this morning hayward
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police just alerted us about a woman who is missing from an adult living facility. here's the picture of 64-year- old jeanette sang. police say she was last seen leaving the hayward facility on tuesday. but she never returned. she was spotted in oakland yesterday afternoon. it's unclear what she was doing there. anyone with any information about her whereabouts is asked to call police. we're also following developing news about the ongoing situation in algeria where islamic militants took dozens of foreigners costage at a natural gas plant. including some americans. there is word that the al qaeda linked militants want to make a deal. reportedly they offered to trade two americans they say they have captive in exchange for two terror suspects jailed here in the united states. one of the suspects was in part of planning the 1993 world trade center bombing. coming up why algeria could not
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warn the u.s. before the attack. lance armstrong. >> i made my decisions they are my myitis. i'm sitting here to say sorry for that. >> last night the first of a two part interview was broadcast. lance armstrong said he needed to use performance enhancing drugs. in order to win seven tour de france championships. however local cyclists who watched the interview questioned his mote i haves for coming clean -- motives for coming clean. >> we race clean we race fair that's because we love to do it. >> then there are other cyclists who say lance armstrong should be remembered for the fact that he overcame cancer and helped establish the live strong foundation. armstrong wants his life-time ban from competitive sports lifted in order for him to
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compete in triathlons. the live strong foundation released a statement they said they are disappointed with armstrong but the statement went on to say and i'm quoting we also express our gratitude to lance. as a survivor for the drive, devotion, and spirit he brought to serving cancer patients and the entire cancer community. lance armstrong apologized earlier this week. high surf is on the way. it will be great for pro surfers at mavericks. as ktvu channel 2 reporter tara moriarty tells us it's also a very serious warning for the rest of us. >> we are here at the beach hotel. this is where they will be setting up a big jumbotron to watch the maverick surf competition. that is because you won't be able to watch it from the beach or bluff. the national weather service is warning of possible sneaker waves hitting the coast this afternoon. within the past month alone, waves have killed three people
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in the bay area including a man and his nine-year-old son who were swept off the rocks while fishing in the marin head winds. last time we had mavericks unexpected waves broke on shore and swept dozens of boche go -- beach goers. so again sneaker wave warning along the sonoma coastline south to san mateo this weekend. officials have also issued a high surf advisory. that sorts tomorrow -- that starts tomorrow and lasts through sunday. if you do want to catch mavericks because of the niners game a lot of folks will stay home and watch it there and they will watch the mavericks via live internet. the mavericks festival kicking off sunday morning at exactly 7:45. time to coincide when the first heat of the contest begins.
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live from half-moon bay i'm tara moriarty. a young child in oakland remains in critical condition after being hit by a car. that happened yesterday evening at 28th avenue and foothill boulevard. he was severely injured, rushed to children's hospital. police say the case is in the a hit and run though. they are checking to see if the boy ran into traffic or if he was in a crosswalk. time now 6:07. today is another spare the air day. the third straight day which means wood fires are illegal in fireplaces, stoves or outdoor fire pits. if you are caught violating the ban, you could be required to take a class or pay a $100 fine. the second violation that one is a $500 ticket. sonoma county leads the bay area in spare the air complaints. press democrat reports there were 110 wood burning violations in sonoma county last year. the most of any county. accrues the bay area there were
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more than 3700 complaints and 346 violations. sal has an update on that problem we first told you about. sal. >> that is right. that problem southbound 280 near edgewood road. there is an injury crash there. this is because deer apparently more than one deer crossed the road. traffic will be slow in this area. southbound 280. they are trying to clear the lanes now. please give yourself extra time in the area. highway 101 is a good alternative. 101 looks good. let's go over to the bay bridge. we're having a little bit of a back up in some of the lanes. still it looks nice getting into san francisco. if you are driving in san jose northbound 280 traffic does look good getting up to highway 17. let's go to steve. sal, thank you. we do have cold readings to not so cold at all. near 50 if you are closer to the coast or in the city. 49 san francisco.
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27 santa rosa. 29 livermore. very low 30s or right at 30 for napa and fairfield and concord. san jose 37. redwood city 34 and san rafael 34. patchy fog maybe should start forming. there is a little bit off the coast as well. kind of circling the wagons. nothing really too much here. just patchy fog. it will be sunny and mild to warm. especially down toward santa cruz. you can see some of that fog out there. it's still held in check. we get an offshore breeze. that is really beneficial to the coast and bay. it's really cold for others. hazy and mild to warm here. temperatures beginning to really now accelerate. so 65 clearlake. 65 novato. 59 antioch. also brentwood. oakland 63. alameda 62.
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68 gilroy. saratoga 64. same for half-moon bay. 66 redwood city and 64 in san francisco. temperatures are bumping up. we'll hold that into your weekend. time now 6:10. a new theory about the problems plaguing boeing dream liner jet. what was discovered during a recent inspection. gun sales are actually surging across the country. the one type of gun that is completely sold out in manyoffs 37 plus a decision is in now about whether san jose casino matrix can expand gambling to the upper floors.
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time now 6:13. new information about boeings troubled 787 dream liner jet. japanese investigator says excess voltage may be causing battery problems in those planes. they grounded all the boeing 787 until the airlines can prove the batteries are safe. that is after a dream liner was forced to make an emergency landing in japan when the battery light came on and last week a battery fire was reported on another 787 on the ground in boston. the information continues to come in this morning. militants in algeria want to swap two american hostages for jailed terror suspects. the u.s. air force is trying to
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evacuate hostages immediately. kyla campbell is in our washington, d.c. newsroom with all of this late breaking news. kyla. >> reporter: yeah pam a lot of developments in just the last 30 minutes. algeria state news service says about 60 hostages are still unaccounted for this hour. we just heard back from the pentagon. they said the state department has autodetail -- has all the details. we called them. we have yet to hear back. terrorists say they still have two american hostages in algeria and want to make a trade. those two american for two jailed figures. one master minded the 1993 world trade center bombing. the terrorists say as many as 35 of their 40 hostages were killed including as many as five americans. and we are working to get more information this hour from defense secretary leon panetta. he did speak at a college in
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london and said quote those who wont wantingly attack our country and people will have no place to hide. d.c. insiders say the air force is sending in an evacuation from europe to algeria to get the hostages out of that area. again we have calls into the state department to get confirmation on that. we look to have an update for you when i see you next hour. live in washington kyla campbell. according to a new poll the national rifle association is more popular here in the united states than the entertainment industry. the poll by the washington post found that 41% of adults see the nra in a positive light. 45% view it in a negative light. that compares to 24% of people that have positive feelings about the entertainment industry. 39% have negative feelings. gun sales are surging nation- wide. some are running out of military style assault weapons. since the current debate over gun control began many say
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their sales has more than troubled. people say they want to buy the assault weapons now in case they are banned later. your time is 6:16. a warning about a scam that targets gift cards you can buy add a grocery -- at a grocery store. they are are switching bar codes with another bar code. once someone guy byes the card and puts money on it, that cash goes to the thieves gift cards. investigators say they found dozens of cards that had been tampered with in santa cruz county. so far no one has come forward to say they have been victimized. angry tenants are calling their landlord a slum lord. these apartments in the tenderloin rent for up to $1200 a month. but the building contains mold virtually everywhere according to the protestors.
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they also say there is no smoke alarms inside. and tenants say there was no heat up until two weeks ago. yesterday ktvu talked to the landlord. >> many of your tenants call you a slum lord. what is your reaction? >> i think it's fair to be called what they want to call. i can also understand their frustration really. >> the landlord told us he hopes to install security cam truce fix another problem homeless people sleeping in the hallways. as for building code violations this is now being dealt with by the city attorney. days after a virus scare at contra costa county school a senior center is also recovering from a norovirus jet break. health officials say 80 people got sick at the redwoods in mill valley. two of them died. a virus sickened 100 students at burton valley middle school. san jose outgoing police chief denied a request to allow
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gambling on the top floor of the m8trix. saying it would have an adverse effect on public health, safety, and welfare. right now all the gambling is done on the ground floor. a representative says he is disappointed with the decision. let's check on traffic. sal, it's still friday light but you have been busy. >> we have been. the problem on the peninsula continues to lead what we're talking about here. southbound 280 at edgewood road. there was a crash involving several deer that were trying to cross the freeway. unfortunately they didn't make it. the traffic is still a little slow in that area. however, there is a -- for chp to take it off the freeway and put them back on. if you want to use an alternative route 101 is your best call. if you want to use 101 it's an eight minute drive time.
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let's move along to the oil freeway. it does look pretty good. highway 4 as you drive in from bay point is a nice drive. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. we have some readings that are cold. others that are not bad at all. there is a 22-degree spread between some of the lows and current temperatures right now. the city is sitting at 49 degrees. i double checked that. i saw a bunch of locations between 45 and 50. yet other areas in the 20s. ridge of high pressure holds here. it's not going to allow anything there. one forecast model does sweep into rain next wednesday. we'll see. it wouldn't surprise me. this month will go down as being cold. but rain will be returning. i think end of the month early february. 27 santa rosa. 49 san francisco. i did see 41, 43, 44 novato. oakland is 40 degrees.
6:22 am
downtown 42. walnut creek 42. it just depends that breeze can be a little north breeze or an east breeze. that helps areas sneer the bay and coast. temperatures warmed up. we will continue that today. overall cold morning for most. not for all. 65 clearlake. 63 novato. petaluma heard from bubba said he's tired of eating frost grass. wants warmer weather. okay. livermore i have degrees. gilroy 70. santa clara looks good. half-moon bay as well. 63 san mateo. and redwood city 66. your weekend looks great. a little cooler next week. toyota has settled the first of hundreds of wrongful death lawsuits stemming from
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acceleration problems. toyota spokeswoman says the company reached an agreement with the family of two men killed in a 2010 crash in utah. the financial terms were not disclosed. the case will serve as a guideline for other lawsuits. apple introducing payment plans in china. the goal is to make its products more affordable. they can make up to 24 installments with payments. the more installments the higher the fees. apple is planning on opening new stores in china. time is 6:21. a music super star rocks san jose. how lady gaga is using her concert to help her fans with special needs. a five gallon bucket falls from the sky. where it came from and what it hit. ♪
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time now 6:24. a real shocker in kay. a five gallon bucket packed with cleaning solution fell out of the sky and crashed through the roof of a car repair shop. it fell out of a marine corp plane that was flying overhead. luckily no one was hurt. the car shop was closed at the time. they will pay for any repairing to the building and damaged motor home that was hit as
6:27 am
well. people traveling through sfo this weekend you could be delayed for almost an hour. the airport will close down once again a runway late tonight for construction upgrades. runway will reopen again monday morning. now some flights taking off for a west coast you could experience 30-45 minute delays. that runway by the way will be shut down again next weekend. thousands of lady gaga little monsters packed san jose hp pavilion for her fourth stop on her born this way tour. more than 13,000 fans attended last nights concert. many of course dressed up in fun costumes. tickets ranged between 50 and $100. fans we talked to say lady gaga and her music has had a big impact on their lives. >> she's helped me through so many hard times in my life.
6:28 am
>> i am lady gaga from her telephone music video. everything about her what she stands for is all great. >> new to the tour the born brave bus tailgate to help young people deal with issues from bullying to seeking mental health treatment. lady gaga's next stop is the los angeles staple center. we've had commute problems on the peninsula. what is the latest this >> the latest is good news. we have all lanes open now on 280. remember we had a car accident with a deer. several deer tried to cross the road. they cleared the lanes. i want to put up on the maps 280 is wide open for you. and the back up is not that severe. let's move along to the sunol grade where traffic looks good passioning mission boulevard 37 it's 49 in san francisco. and just depends again believe me i understand this if you
6:29 am
send me saying it's not 42 near me. i get it. it depends on a breeze. some areas close to you can be 10 degrees cooler. i get it. 20s, 30s, and 40s on the temps. that 49 is at san francisco verifies 50s to low to mid 60s. time now 6:27. in case you didn't know the bay area has 49ers fever. how the fans and the players themselves getting ready for sunday's nfc championship game in atlanta. and an elderly woman being treated this morning for burns after her aapartment catches -- after her apartment catches fire. we'll tell you what neighbors just told us about what happened here. the opening bell is just about tripping on wall street. pam has the early numbers. you can't move the tv there.
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welcome back to the ktvu
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channel 2 morning news. they are outside at the nasdaq because they are from the norwegian cruise lines. its epic ship. i guess its flag ship. they are celebrating their ipo. going public and maybe sailing off to bermuda or something nicely. they will be ringing the bell remotely from there. it looks like a mixed day. >> we'll smile and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us here on ktvu channel 2 morning news. friday, january 18th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. as we have been telling you an elderly woman was rushed to the hospital after being found inside a burning apartment. alex savidge is out there in hayward. just spoke to the woman's neighbor. alex. >> reporter: good morning. i just talked with a neighbor a few minutes ago. she told me she is worried about this elderly woman injured in this fire. firefighters had to rescue her
6:33 am
from her second story apartment where you can see heavy damage here from the outside. a lot of the roof and the area outside the door was burned here in last nights fire. the woman herself who was inside suffered both burns and smoke inhalation. the fire began just about 9:30 last night at this 20 unit complex that is right near the intersection of second and e streets in hayward. crews on scene tell us it was a fairly small kitchen fire. that is how it began. but as crews made their way through the unit, they found this woman inside and she was unconscious. however, firefighters did say the woman had a pulse when she was transported to eden hospital. her next door neighbor i talked to a few moments ago told me she is trying to stay optimistic. >> i hope she is okay. we do know she suffered burns and stuff like that. i hope she is okay. i guess we will just go from there. it's completely gone. but you know that was the only apartment that was effected by it. >> reporter: and aside from the
6:34 am
woman inside that one unit that caught fire, no one else was hurt here last night. now i do have a call in this morning to the hayward fire department. i talked to a dispatcher a short time ago. i'm waiting for a call back hopefully from a battalion chief to hopefully get more information on the condition of this woman that was hurt last night and get a better look at what started this fire. live in hayward alex savidge. time now 6:32. over night news a car chase in st. helena turned into a man hunt and a foot chase when the car flipped over. that car ended up on its roof late last night right where 580 and 238 meet. the driver got out and ran away. the police were out there searching the freeways and nearby streets. we are still checking with police to find out if they ever caught that suspect and why they were chasing him in the first place. also overnight power has been restored to thousands of pg&e customers in oakland. an under ground equipment failure at park and mccarthur
6:35 am
knocked out power to almost 5,000 homes and businesses about 2:00 a.m. this morning. power has been fully restored. your time 6:33. the flu wide spread all over california and now one death is reported here in the bay area. health officials say a 98-year- old woman in santa clara county died of the flu earlier this month. she suffered from other chronic health problems as well. now word of the death comes as several bay area pharmacies say they are running out of the flu vaccine temporarily because of the high demand. >> this is not the typical time when you'd have you know like surges in demand for flu vaccine but that is what we're seeing. >> the flu outbreak has reached epidemic levels and most of the nation with dozens of deaths reported. at least five flu deaths have been reported here in california. now health officials say it's not too late to get the flu vaccine. washington hospital in fremont is holding a flu vaccine clinic this morning it's for children
6:36 am
three years and older as well as adults. the vaccine's costs $10. that event runs from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.. if you want to see where else the flu vaccine is available, go if our channel 2 website just look under the hot topic section and put in your zip code. organizers of a marin county gun buy back program have a problem on their hands. more than 800 weapons were turned in on the first day. the problem they ran out of money. coming up at 6:46 the major change to mondays buy back event. time now 6:34. oakland mayor jean quan is in washington, d.c.. she is trying to get federal help to fight crime in oakland. mayor quan is in washington. she's at the u.s. conference of mayor's meeting. she's also there for president obama's inauguration on monday. she says she has meeting scheduled with justice department officials and officials with the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms. trying to bring more law
6:37 am
enforcement resources back to oakland. we're also finding out the reasons why san jose police chief chris moore's decision was to leave the police department. 51-year-old chief's last day on the job is tomorrow. he says the last straw came when the city council voted against putting half cent sales tax measure on last november's ballot to help the police department with its money. moore says he decided if he didn't have the support of city officials, it was time for him to go. san jose by the way has not yet named a permanent replacement for chief moore. 49ers fever sweeping the bay area. the team is one win away from the super bowl. ktvu janine de la vega is in san jose as fans gear up for the game. janine. >> reporter: we're here in downtown and one place that is expected to be packed with 49er fans is this sports bar on santa clara street. whenever the big games like this they usually bring in extra staff to happened l the
6:38 am
crowds and make sure the beer is flowing. bay area fans have been stocking up on 49ers memorabilia. they plan on wearing their jerseys to cheer the team on when they take on the falcons on sunday. this is the second year in a row the niners made it to the nfc championship. they are one game away from playing at the super bowl in new orleans. we talked to fans this morning. >> i would love to go to a sports bar. so me and a couple buddies plan to watch the game. yeah. i mean because it's like if the 49ers go to super bowl, then that is even great. that is even better for the community and great for the bay area. >> reporter: the 49ers are riding high from last weekend's win. all eyes will be on collin kaepernick. the second year quarterback is driving up the price for gamblers that want to bet he will take the team to the super bowl. sports radio has been buzzing about kaepernick all week. he's gain add lot of fans but
6:39 am
-- gained a lot of fans but we spoke to one man who says he isn't much of a fan. reporting live from downtown san jose janine de la vega. >> don't forget you can watch the game right here on ktvu channel 2. our coverage begins at 9:30 sunday morning with our championship playbook show followed by sports coverage and kick off shortly after noon and our point after show will immediately follow the game. 6:38. sal, you will be watching? >> absolutely. right here on channel 2. >> but right now you're watching the east bay. >> we are watching the east bay. there are no major problems here as you drive to the mccarthur maze and the bay bridge toll plaza. when you get to the toll plaza there is a little bit of a back up here. i want no check out the livermore commute and give you a drive time commute. if you are driving from grant line road to the 680
6:40 am
interchange that is 26 minutes now. not too bad. there is a little bit of slowing there to be sure. 6:38 let's go to steve. thank you, sal. very happy friday morning. skies are clear. it could be a little bit of patchy fog. anywhere from 20s to almost 50 degrees. high pressure says i'll hang around through the weekend and start to break down a little bit next week. there are signs next wednesday a system will come in from the north maybe giving us more clouds and a possibility of rain. 20s to near 49 in san francisco. oakland 42. a lot of 30s and 20s. there is also some off the coast. but over all it looks like a cold morning for many. not for everybody. but then temperatures warming up near 70 for some. especially down toward santa cruz. everything will be held account. but temperatures that started the week up in alaska. very, very warm are now very, very cold. fairbanks minus 21. i think they were closer to
6:41 am
ten. things have really changed. maybe that is a sign of a change for us. hazy and warm cold morning mild to warm for some. 65 clearlake. 64 st. helena. petaluma 62. richmond in there as well. 62 walnut creek. 61 pittsburg. 68 gilroy. morgan hill 66. 70 santa cruz. cupertino 66. 65 half-moon bay. it looks like a nice day on the coast in san francisco and much of the peninsula. temperatures starting to warm up a little bit. we'll see more of the same on the weekend. and early next week temperatures start to cool down. >> thank you. coming up on 6:40. manti photographed for the first time since his girlfriend hoax went public. where he is spotted and what he told close friends about the scandal. dangerous waves at maverick
6:42 am
surfing competition this weekend. not just for surfers. we'll tell you about a warning the national weather service has issued for anyone along the coast. highway 24 looks pretty good between walnut creek and oakland. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and bay area weather.
6:43 am
6:44 am
we have 20s and 30s.
6:45 am
we get closer to oakland. 42 in downtown san francisco. highs today will be in the 60s. welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're following for you right now at 6:43. we are still following developing news from algeria. the latest report is that the islamic militants holding dozens of foreigners hostage at a natural gas plant want to make a deal. reportedly they want to trade two americans they are holding hostage in exchange for two terror suspects that are right now in jail here in the u.s.. back here at home in hayward an elderly woman was found unresponsive last night after firefighters put out an apartment fire. the fire started about 9:30. it was quickly put out. the condition of the woman is not known this morning. we are now just two days away from the nfc championship game. the 49ers are flying out today
6:46 am
for atlanta. they beat the atlanta falcons on sunday the 49er goose to the super bowl for the -- go to the super bowl for the first time since 1994. we have the first video of manti since the scandal broke. he was driving a golf cart at a football academy in florida. one of the writers that first reported the story believes the notre dame linebacker was in on the hoax to raise his national profile. >> we have a lot of stories about how they met. she was a student in stanford and met after the 2009 football game. we know that didn't happen. >> meanwhile teo is reportedly telling friends he knew for weeks that his stanford girlfriend never existed but he perpetuated the hoax as notre dame prepared for the san jose game. a woman could be arrested as early as today. that mother claimed a man tried to snatch her three-year-old
6:47 am
daughter right outside their home on dayo court. san jose police say the story had inconsistencies and the mother admitted to making up the story when she was interviewed again. there is a high surf advisory going into effect later today. now that means the big waves are ideal for surfers competing in sunday's maverick competition but dangerous for everyone else. ktvu tara moriarty is in half- moon bay this morning with the warning for everyone headed near the beach. tara. >> reporter: there will be no beach or bluff access to maverick's this weekend. all roads to pillar point are going to be closed. we're here at oceano beach hotel where they will put up a big jumbo tron so you can watch it here. they are warning of popular sneaker waves. tragedy struck this new years day when a 59-year-old man was swept out to sea and drowned while walking with his wife and dog on a beat in marin county.
6:48 am
two caydays after christmas a man and his nine-year-old son were swept off the rocks while fishing in the marin head winds. last time we had mavericks in 2010 unexpected waves broke on shore. the sudden waves can strike with enough force to knock people unconscious then they retreat quickly back into the ocean. sometimes dragging people along the rocks before they have a chance to swim back to shore. sneaker waves warning along the coastline south to san mateo county. officials this weekend issuing a high surf advisory. if you want to catch mavericks because of the 49er game a lot of folks are choosing to stay at home. the surfing competition will be available via live web cast. we will provide a link to that on our website. if you do decide to come out here there will be a jumbo tron and maverick festival.
6:49 am
live from half-moon bay i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. your time is 6:47. a state investigation could lead officials to revoke the license of a bar pilot on that oil tanker that hit the bay bridge last week. state officials are investigating the conduct of bar pilot guy. heavy fog and bad radar beacon may have been to blame in this incident. no money will be passed out at next monday's gun buy back event in marin county. that is because the program has run out of cash. more than 800 weapons were turned in at the buy back event earlier this week. organizers gave away the money they were allotted and started handing out vouchers. now they need to raise $60,000 in the next month to pay for the nonguarantee vouchers. next monday's event has been paired down to a single drop
6:50 am
off site. and people are encouraged to voluntarily turn in guns, ammunition and violent video games. it is now 6:48. i want to go back over to sal. sal, you're looking at highway 4. how is that? >> it's getting a little bit more crowded. as yo drive through you can see traffic is moving along. a lot of this traffic is making it over to concord. also the morning commute at the bay bridge toll plaza is backed up for a ten minute delay. a little bit lighter than it normally is. but there is still will be a wait of about 10-12 minutes before you make it on to the bridge. if you are driving in livermore the traffic here continues to look pretty good. we keep checking the drive time there. let me put that up again. 26 minutes between grant line road and 680. temperatures either cold, cold, cold or really mild. that really mild is closer to
6:51 am
the coast and also the bay. although there is differences. 36 south of half-moon bay. 44 at the half-moon bay airport. a lot of it depends on the breeze. high pressure is our fair weather friend. not only today but into your weekend. maybe next weekend there is a sign of a pattern change. 27 santa rosa. 28 livermore. some temperatures are cold others not so bad. 49 actually this is true in san francisco. temperatures between 45 and 50 already in the city. warming pattern for the coast and bay. even inland they are coming up. some areas are struggle to get to 60. others have no problem today. that is going to be the pa tern right into the weekend. patchy fog also as well we have to keep an eye on that. hazy sunshine mild to warm. you can see a few high clouds.
6:52 am
but over all another day of severe clear. 50s upper to mid 60nd. maybe even near 70. no change into your weekend. mostly sunny on mopped. a little cooler tuesday. main some rain. >> thank you. 6:50 is the time. apple ceo tim cook will be questioned in a lawsuit over a no job poaching agreement. the san jose mercury news reports cook will be questioned in a deposition ahead of a decision on whether the case can proceed in a class action lawsuit. five former employees filed a lawsuit against companies including apple and google. google's executute chairman erik schmidt will be questioned next month. the photo sharing service says it has more than 90 million hack vive users. it has seen very strong growth including a 10% increase in
6:53 am
usage. some people say they closed their account after the company announced new terms of service which was later withdrawn. new details about last november's deadly home invasion robbery in monte sereno. and they are some of san francisco's most famous residents.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. dow jones up just about nine points this morning. that's dc and s & p posting slight gains. time now 6:54. right now in chicago the body of a lottery winner who was poisoned has just been exhumed. you are looking at live pictures from the craig area. this is like a caravan going through the street. they just left the cemetery where 46-year-old kon was buried. awhile ago his body was exhumed. it was placed into a black hurste which is on its way right now to the medical examiners office. a lot of activity out there. this is kon. he died in july. he was just about to collect $425,000 in lottery winnings.
6:57 am
hissette at first was rule -- his death at first was ruled to be natural causes. but after a family member asked for a deeper look full toxicology reports show he has been poisoned with cyanide. officials hope a forensic autopsy will tell them how it got into his system. back here in the bay area we are learning about a new twist in last november's deadly home invasion robbery. the san francisco chronicle reports the victim hired a prostitute named raven dixon. dixon then reportedly gave an oakland gang information about his mansion. police sources say the gang members planned the home invasion. three men have been charged with the murder of kumra. dixon is facingsing charges of being an accessory to murder. president obama's reelection campaign is launching a nonprofit group to support his second term agenda.
6:58 am
the new group organizing for action will be announced today. the group is looking to take the energy from the president's reelection campaign and turn it into support. first up the group will encourage supporters to push congress on the president's proposals for tighter gun control. scalpers trying to profit from their inaugust tickets will be blocked from using craigs list and e-bay. the website has agreed to remove listings at the request of new york senator charles schumer. according to the committee some scalpers posted tickets asking for thousands of dollars. 250,000 tickets were given out for free from congressional offices. ktvu will have live coverage of the president obama's inauguration beginning on sunday. ken and tori will be there in washington, d.c.. look for their live report starting with mornings on 2. just for pam cook some of san francisco's most famous residents sell a bait a birthday this weekend. 23 years ago pam the sea lions
6:59 am
first showed up at pier 39. and to mark the anniversary there will be free walking tours if you want to go out and learn more about the sea lions. the tours are from 11:00 in the morning until 2:00 in the afternoon. every day through monday. weaver getting closer -- we're getting closer to 7:00. >> it's getting a little more crowded everywhere. the drive time is up to ten to 12 minutes. it was a little less than that. but nothing too major. once you get on to the bridge it looks good. now let's go to steve. thank you, sal. for some it's cold. 20s others 30s others 40s to near 50-degrees. east wind helps. i had a nice little tweet from chris. a little bit of patchy fog. 20s and 30s and 40s on the temps. we'll end it with upper 50s

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